High voltage transformers ТС(З) represent air-cooled transformers. Winding cooling is executed owing to special-purpose ventilation channels. Temperature class of winding insulation should not be lower F. The lamination stack is made of cold-rolled electrical steel without point-to-point studs.
Three-phase power transformers of T
С and TСЗ series with a capacity ranging from 16 to 4000 kVA are designed for converting electric power in power system networks and are intended to reduce the voltage of three-phase alternating current. Rated upper voltage of 10 or 6 kV, low voltage of 400 V or 230 V.
High voltage dry-type ТС и ТСЗ transformers are used in facilities with requirements in terms of a special fire safety, explosion safety, environmental cleanliness. Rated frequency - 50 (60) Hz.

Operating conditions:

· Transformers are not designed for operation under conditions of shaking, vibration, shock
· Mode of operation - long-term
· Height above sea level should not exceed 1000 m.

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