Network kicking coil (choke) is a two-side buffer between the power supply network and the frequency converter. It protects the network against higher harmonics 5, 7, 11, etc. (250 Hz, 350 Hz, 550 hz). Such kicking coils restrict the rate of rise of the preoscillation current in the circuit and the mutual impact of converters powered from the same transformer. The switching procedure goes on smoothly, switching overvoltages are suppressed. Network choke application is especially recommended when powered from a network to which nonlinear elements are connected, thus generating significant distortions.

The advantages of using the network kicking coils manufactured by Pskov Power Transformer Factory are as follows:

The units protect the frequency converter against supply voltage imbalances
The units increase the capacitor service life in the frequency converter DC link
They protect the frequency converter against voltage impulsive bursts in the network, thereby preventing accidents
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