Dry single-phase ОС transformers are manufactured in open case with natural air cooling. They are designed for application in networks with 660 V voltage and standard frequency of 50 Hz. Depending on the version, power of ОС transformers can range from 6.3 to 200 kVA.

Transformers are recommended to be utilized in non-explosive non-corrosive environment free from fine conductive dust. The products are designed for application in temperate conditions and indoors without artificial control of temperature and humidity.
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Transformers of ОС series comply with the requirements of GOST Р52719-2007. In terms of the method of protection against electric-shock hazard the transformers are referred to class I pursuant to GOST and its protection degree is IP00 pursuant to GOST 14254-2015. Types of climatic category - УЗ, УХЛЗ pursuant to GOST 15150-69. Temperature class of insulation is B, F pursuant to GOST 8865-93. Transformer version in terms of the installation conditions on the operation site - built-in, they can be installed both horizontally and vertically (at the customer's request). Connection circuit and group - 1/1-0. Transformers of ОСЗ type - related to the protected version (protection degree is IP21).

Operating conditions:

Transformers are designed for indoor operation.
Height above sea level should not exceed 1000 m.
Ambient temperature should range from -45 °C to +40 °C.
The environment should be non-explosive.
Relative humidity at +25°C should not exceed 80%.
Power network frequency makes 50 Hz.

At the customer's request transformers can be supplied with any combination of voltages up to 660 V.
Isolating transformers (ОСР) can be manufactured as well.
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