Motorized kicking coils (chokes) of the ДРМ series are widely used in the circuits of AC drive converters. Motorized kicking coils, depending on the type of electric drive with which they operate, solve various objectives: ensuring continuity and smoothing the engine current ripples, limiting the short-circuit current in the converter load circuit, as well as suppression of switching overvoltages and compensation of the supply line capacity. ДРМ series motorized kicking coils are installed at the frequency converter output.

The advantages of using the motorized kicking coils manufactured by Pskov Power Transformer Factory are as follows:
  • Suppression of high-frequency harmonics in the engine current that cause engine additional heating
  • Limitation of short-circuit current amplitude.
  • Decreasing the rate of rise of emergency short-circuit currents and delaying the moment of reaching the short-circuit current maximum
Compensation of capacitive fault currents in long engine cables and reduction of voltage spikes on the engine windings
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