Compensation kicking coil (choke) is designed for protecting the three-phase reactive power compensation capacitor (RPC) against higher current harmonics and represents three structurally combined aluminum or copper windings.

If the compensation (antiresonance) three-phase kicking coil will be switched on simultaneously with the capacitor, the resonance effect can be avoided, since the network voltage will be normalized owing to the generated resonant circuit with a frequency below the network lowest harmonic. Compensation kicking coils manufactured by our enterprise are characterized with a long service life, owing to application of special transformer steel related to high quality class.

The advantages of using the compensation kicking coils manufactured by Pskov Power Transformer Factory are as follows:

  • Reduction of harmonic distortion in the power supply network
  • Increasing the service life of reactive power compensation capacitors
  • Minimal noise during the RPC operation
  • Kicking coils are equipped with dry contact temperature sensor
Installation convenience
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