Coil Flux Guides (Core) for transformers production using the modern and cost-effective UNICORE technology according to your technical specifications (this Coil Flux Guide technology was developed and patented by the Australian company A.E.M. Cores).
Coil Flux Guides, manufactured using UNICORE technology, are strip-type, but the main difference from conventional strip-type Coil Flux is that the strips of the Coil Flux halves coupling during assembly is performed not along the same plane of the section, but along the "bias", i.e. the coupling between the upper and lower "halves" of the ring is not straight, but evenly distributed along the core of the Coil Flux, drawn from elements of different lengths. This "halves" connection method ensures a uniform distribution of the non-magnetic gap along the entire length of the rod, which significantly reduce losses in the Coil Flux.
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Advantages of magnetic cores made by UNICORE technology:
Minimum loss of electromagnetic energy in the Coil Flux Guide
Material savings of up to 30% due to reduced losses compared to other types of Coil Flux Guides
Low cost in comparison with twisted and burnt Coil Flux Guides
High magnetic conductivity
Low labor effort on assembly
Producibility of Coil Flux Guides of any size and any section shape
Urgent production according to customer drawings is possible
The Unicore technology is very flexible, highly accurate and reliable.
Unlike toroidal and U-shaped cores production, this technology does not require any fixed stationary equipment such as various clamping devices and mandrels. The Unicore core element is already fully formed by the time the Coil Flux Guide comes off the assembly line.

For general-purpose transformers, Unicore technology provides less loss of open-circuit currents than W- and U-shaped cores. E-cores, as well as lamellar U-shaped cores with an angle of 90°. Core assembly is accomplished in no time.

For power distribution transformers, Unicore technology offers a high-precision, flexible and reliable production system with all inherent advantages of Coil Flux Guide production technology.

One of the main advantages of Unicore technology is minimal core loss. The Coil Flux does not cross through a hindrance like the air-gap clearance, but bypasses it using adjacent backing strip (tracks), which in turn do not have such hindrance in place. Such Coil Flux Guide design subtype, where the thickness of the gap is equal to the thickness of the strip, has minimal losses and the best characteristics for other physical and metrological performances.

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